How to pay for my booking?
Payments will be accepted only after the booking procedure has been successfully completed (after the booking code is displayed). All payment information will be detailed in an e-mail sent to your e-mail address to confirm your booking. You will get an account number to use for the payment, and the bank transfer title that you should use to make sure your payment is correctly recognized and assigned to your booking.
NOTE: Payments made in a haphazard way will not be the basis for a correct ticket sale transaction.
How to label payments to a bank account?
Only properly labeled payments will be accepted! Your login and booking number must be always provided in the payment title.
I made a payment. When will I get my confirmation?
1. Payment confirmation will be sent immediately after the payment is credited on the bank account; the payment must be included in a bank statement generated on the next day.
2. Payment method matters as well - It takes only 2-3 working days to settle bank transfers from an online bank account, it takes a little longer to settle payments made at a post office, and up to 5 days to process payments from points of sale. Payment confirmation should be sent within 1-5 working days.
3. Please keep in mind that bookings are not automatically cancelled. If a booking becomes overdue, you will get an e-mail notification that your booking will be cancelled. At this point you should contact us to resolve the matter.
4. The payment time provided in the booking confirmation e-mail is the time within which your payment needs to be made in order to make sure the bank transfer has been sent before the booking expires.
May I use only one bank transfer to cover several bookings?
No. You have to pay for each booking separately.
How much time to I have to make the payment?
You should observe the payment deadline specified in the booking confirmation e-mail. As a rule, you will have up to 12 hours to make the payment, however, in some cases the deadline will be much shorter, for example 20 minutes.
Only working days will apply.
You should preferably make your payment immediately; unless payment is received by the deadline, your booking will be cancelled and your seats will no longer be booked.
My transfer has been rejected by the bank of the beneficiary
If you transfer has been rejected, you should send money by a regular bank transfer instead of Express ELIXIR.
I accidentally made several payments for the same booking. What should I do?
Your account is credited with all payments, even payment which are not due. If you accidentally paid for your booking several times, you will have an overpayment; to have it refunded, you should first fill in a refund form which you can fill at 'My Account' -> 'Payments'.
How to change payment method ?
To change payment method for the booking follow these steps:
- go to menu 'My Account -> Orders'
- click on the reservation for which You want to change payment method,
- click 'Change payment method' button.

You will see webpage where you can change payment method.
Fees shipping / distribution
All additional fees are detailed on the sales page of a given event/product or service or on the subpage with its description.

To expand a given information, click on the "Fees shipping/distribution" option.
There are:
- Reservation costs: an additional fee usually charged for each ticket constituting the cost of operating the system;
- Shipping/distribution fees: constituting the cost of delivery;
- Operating cost: service fee not exceeding 5% of the order value, constituting a commission of the online payment operator. Its detailed value will be provided in the last step of the purchasing process BEFORE making the payment. It depends on the payment operator and the selected channel, e.g. Blik or Credit card.

For some events/products or services, a traditional transfer is also available, which is exempt from operating costs.
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