How can I have my tickets delivered?
The available delivery options are described with each event ("Fees shipping / distribution"). Tickets can be either sent by courier service or distributed as print-at-home tickets. For some events, print-at-home tickets can be the only option available.

In some cases, you may also order collector's tickets.
What is a collector's ticket?
Collector's ticket is a premium-edition high-quality printed ticket designed and produced for special recipients. A collector's ticket is more expensive than the regular one, and the price is given in the shipment cost specifications.
Can I change my shipment address?
Yes. You can enter your shipment address in the system.
Go to 'My Account' -> 'Invoice/delivery data'.
Important - if you define this additional address, your tickets will not be automatically sent to this address! You need to assign this address to your booking. You should enter this additional address to your account data before you place an order to be able to choose it from a dropdown list (step 2 of 4 of the ordering process).
I make several bookings. Do I have to pay for each individual shipment?
In the majority of cases, you will be able to combine multiple shipments into one shipment. Go to 'Booking Details' to learn more about your options. If a booking combination option is available, you may combine multiple shipments into a single combined one to reduce shipment costs.

NOTE: Multiple shipments are not automatically combined into one shipment. It is up to the user!

Combining multiple shipments into one shipment is most often available when you buy tickets to events organized by the same organizer.
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