What is a print-at-home ticket?
Print-at-home ticket is a ticket delivered in electronic format.
The main advantage of the print-at-home ticket option is that you can get your ticket directly after the due payment is credited to our account (unless otherwise specified on the sales website). You should then print your ticket using a printer.
Proof of payment, invoice, pro-forma invoice, and order confirmation ARE NOT a part of your ticket and DO NOT AUTHORISE YOU to enter a stadium or any other event venue!
How will I get a print-at-home ticket?
Because of the risk of identity theft or unauthorized access to your personal data, print-at-home tickets ARE NOT sent to your e-mail address!!!
To print your print-at-home ticket, go to 'My Account' -> 'Orders'. To print your ticket, select the booking you wish to print a ticket for. You will find Print button there.

NOTE: Print-at-home tickets to some events, including football matches, becomes available on a specific date rather than directly after the payment is credited. It is the event organizer who decides whether the print-at-home ticket option is available for a particular event.
The Print button does not work. What should I do?
If the 'Print' button on website does not work, i.e. the ticket to be printed is not displayed, you should:
  • install Adobe Reader or another software to be able to view PDF documents,
  • use 'Save...' button instead of 'Print' and save you ticket on your computer,
  • open the ticket from your computer and print it.
Will I get the ticket delivered?
If you choose the print-at-home ticket option, you will not be sent your ticket in paper form; in other words, your print-at-home ticket is considered delivered once the booking status changes to PAID (PRINT-AT-HOME TICKET), no matter if you have already printed the ticket or not. If you simply do not print your print-at-home ticket, this cannot be the basis for a complaint.
Will I really enter the event venue with my print-at-home ticket?
Print-at-home tickets are used in exactly the same way as standard tickets and on presenting a print-at-home ticket, you will be allowed to enter the event venue. No other tickets will be sent, and print-at-home tickets are not EXCHANGEABLE.
How does a correctly printed ticket look like?
Print your ticket on a white A4-sized paper (please do not print your tickets on colorful decorative paper or any other materials, such as film, satin paper, hand-made paper, or any other paper so that your ticket barcode can be easily decoded using a barcode scanner!
Remember that the whole area of your paper sheet is a ticket.
You may print your ticket either in color, or black and white. However, please check if the barcode is not blurred, otherwise the barcode scanner won't be able to correctly read the barcode.
Please check if your ticket has a barcode printed on it. You won't be able to enter the venue unless your ticket has a barcode.
There should be a control coupon printed in at least one corner of your ticket.
There are some strange characters printed on my ticket instead of a proper barcode!
You should follow the same procedure as for the 'Print' button failure. If the problem persists, please immediately contact our customer service via:
Can I cut the unnecessary elements of the ticket out?
NO, don't do it !
The whole area of your A4-sized paper sheet is a ticket.
If you cut any elements out, your ticket will be INVALID and you won't be able to enter the venue.
Can I fold my ticket to make it smaller?
Please be careful not to damage the barcode so DO NOT fold your ticket where the barcode is printed.
I have lost my ticket. Can I print it again?
Tickets in electronic format may be printed more than once. The 'Printed' message in your booking section is irrelevant. You may print your print-at-home ticket at any time again and again. Please note that all printed ticket copies are identical and you will be able to enter the event venue only once; your print-at-home ticket can be used ONLY ONCE ! - only one person per ticket can access the event. shall not be liable for making your ticket available to any other persons who may use it instead of you, thereby preventing you from attending the event.

If you give your ticket to any other person, you will be responsible for letting this person take part in the event and for validity of your ticket, according to the applicable laws and regulations.
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